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January 3, 2015     0


Tiny Buddha Featured Article: 4 Tips to Live a Balanced, Happy Life with Fewer Regrets

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” ~Thomas Merton

Hello Friends,

Balance has become an ever-elusive thing these days. The onslaught of technological breakthroughs, aimed at making life easier, has given way to a societal expectation that we are available around the clock.

This has bled into our careers, where our employers have ever increasing expectations that we can do more in less time. We have 168 hours in our week to sleep, work, rest, be with our loved ones, and pursue personal interests.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world today complain that they aren’t able to keep up with the competing commitments that steal much of their precious time.

It’s no longer enough to contemplate how this happened and talk about the “good ole days” when life was easier and the days were longer.

We need to identify what balance looks like for us (as it differs from person to person), work on regaining some of our time, and find more balance so we can truly show up and be present in all the different areas of our lives.

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