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Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.

- Karl Barth

I found Joel through a friend of mine. I went into it thinking he could help me find a job and that would be the thing that would make me happy. However, we immediately dug into much deeper issues I was facing. His immediate approach to my needs was holistic. He helped me see the blind spots and encouraged me when I was only seeing the darkness. He has not only helped me find work, but my marriage has improved, and I can immediately notice my self-destructive ways with calm and grace. I am grateful for the tools and encouragement Joel has given me in our sessions. We really dig deep and get real and we always laugh. I can’t say enough good things about the man.

San Francisco, CA

Working with Joel has been so helpful, at a time when there was a lot of change in my life. Joel helped me understand the emotions which were blocking my progress. In a practical and supportive way, he also helped me organize tasks and identify challenges to help me move forward. He gave me “homework” to keep me focused between appointments, and this helped to make me accountable, and to feel the progress. Joel a super supportive and caring professional, who truly cares about people.
San Francisco, CA

Joel has helped me be able to see issues and events in their true light and also how to address them more successfully. Joel has a great open personality that makes it easy to speak to without judgment. His view point opens up another way of thinking and has helped me work through some difficult times, reaching a constructive conclusion with insight.
New York, NY

Joel has been instrumental in helping me become increasingly aware of “why I do the things I do” by helping me identify the root cause. Joel’s “tough love, no non-sense” approach to coaching has led to a number of reflective moments and breakthroughs in my life. Joel understands that collaboration and partnership are key components in a coaching relationship and he approaches both in a sincere and nonjudgmental manner. I always feel supported and validated.
Queens, NY

I worked with Joel for three months and was amazed by how insightful and helpful he was. Joel empowered me to achieve my goals and resolve looming conflicts. He was thoughtful and direct. I recommend him highly!
New York, NY

Although I was nervous about opening up and sharing personal information with someone I didn’t know, Joel made me feel comfortable right away. He has the ability to ask the “right” questions to get you to dig deeper to find the “real” answers. As a result of working with Joel, I know my strengths better, I have determined what kind of job will make me happy and I have developed an action plan for my job search.
New York, NY

Thanks to working with Joel I’ve seen immense, life-changing shifts in how I look at things, how I look at the world and situations around me. It’s opened me up to new experiences and new people. Joel is very engaged and if you hire him, you’ll experience what I did, support both in and between your sessions. You’ll always feel he’s there for you. You always feel like something is accomplished in each session so that every week, you are making long-lasting, serious changes to your life. I would definitely recommend Joel to others.
Astoria, NY