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July 8, 2015     1

Big deal

Owning Your BIG DEAL Status

“It has nothing to do with who I am as compared to everyone else. It has everything to do with who I am in companionship with God.” -Craig D. Lounsbrough

Ever run into someone who literally bleeds confidence and success? Someone who knows what they want, how to get it and why they deserve it? And when they achieve an incredible feat, you’re hardly surprised. I mean, c’mon, they’re kind of amazing. Right?

Better yet, do you have someone in your life who sees this greatness in you? Someone who doesn’t buy in to the limiting beliefs, insecurities or bullsh*t excuses you spew out into the world as a means to play small and live a compromised life. All they see in you is the unlimited potential and never ending greatness that encapsulates the whole of your being.

Reality is perception, and whether you’re willing to believe it or not, you have the power to change your entire world based on how you perceive it and choose to participate in it. Perception is a choice. Choose to see greatness, opportunity, possibility and success, and you will manifest more of these life cultivating attributes into your life. Choose to focus on negativity, doubt, lack and fear, and you will manifest more of these life compromising hurdles into your life.

I want you to take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of the people who see the f-ing rockstar you truly are. See yourself from the outside looking in. It’s a vantage point where the limiting beliefs and insecurities you hold on to can’t exist and the wondrous awe and possibility you deny thrive and flourish. What is it that this person (or persons) see in you? What have you accomplished? What power and potential do they see shining brightly from the soulful depths of your being? I want you to stick with this vision for awhile. See yourself as the great and powerful being you truly are. Now, I want you to write it down. Write it ALL down. What are those amazing feats you have accomplished or are destined to accomplish? How will achieving these dreams/passions make you feel? How will it impact the world? Who are the people you’re going to help? And finally, and most importantly, what is the cost to you if you don’t accomplish these amazing things? What is the cost to the people whose lives you’re suppose to touch? What is the cost to the world at large? You see, greatness isn’t just your birthright, it’s your responsibility. Once you realize this, your ability to accept and work with this spiritual truth increases exponentially.

Now here’s one of the most important parts in realizing your dream life, you have to accept, belief and own that you’re a walking miracle sent from the heavens above. You’re a unique, one of a kind being that has infinite, untapped potential. There has never been anyone like you, and there never will be. You’re a perfectly imperfect being who has the potential to recognize all past transgressions, f@ck ups and mistakes as part of your path to greatness via the lessons you learn and then share with the world. Owning these lessons and using them to propel yourself and others forward is a divine power held by all and used by few. Your unique and special gifts will never be shared in the one of a kind manner that only you can deliver them to others and the world.

So what’s it going to be? A small, unrealized life filled with complacency and monotony? An unhappy, regret filled life with unanswered “what ifs” and untapped potential? OR a life that most will only dream of and never achieve? You have a responsibility to yourself, and to the world, to do everything you can do, to see everything you can see and to be everything you can be. In the end though, the choice is yours.

You’re kind of a big deal. Don’t you think it’s time you owned it?



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  • Lauren says:

    Wow. This article really resonated with me, Joel. Your message, your words, allowed me to feel okay with the person that I am-flaws and all. This article also reminded me of how lucky I am…how blessed I am with the support system I have. I choose to move forward!!!!

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