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April 1, 2014     0


HuffPost Article: Death, Dying and Finding Meaning in Loss


For those of you who’ve been following me for awhile or checked out my story on my website, you know that one of the most powerful events in my life was the loss of my best friend, William, to suicide. It was through his loss that I was able to take an honest and difficult inventory of my life and make the necessary choices to lead an authentic, meaningful and service-driven life. And it was through his loss I was inspired to create The William Fund, a charity dedicated to helping LGBTQ outreach programs in the greater NYC area.

Death is part of the human experience. And when handled with conscious and loving intention, it can be a force of tremendous growth and learning. It’s only when we mourn, make peace with and move past the loss of a loved one that we can learn the lessons associated with their death and create a richer and more meaningful life for ourselves and those around us.

Check out my Huffington Post article HERE about how I lost my best friend to suicide, what I learned about myself as a result of his death and how it forever changed my life for the better.

This Thursday, April 3, The William Fund is having a fundraiser and party at Norwood Club in NYC benefiting Sylvia’s Place, New York City’s only emergency shelter for LGBTQ youth. Please visit The William Fund Eventbrite Page for donation, 100% tax-deductible ticket and event details. I look forward to seeing you there!



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