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January 16, 2014     0


Huff Post Article: Healing the Gay Community From the Inside Out


I recently read an online blog article that shook me to the core. The writer was angry, hurt and frustrated with the gay community. He said our community had degenerated to a group of soulless, sex-crazed animals who had lost all that was good and loving about them. He pointed out sex sites, porn addiction and our treatment of each other as additional reasons why he now felt disdain for his own community. He’d given up on love. He also pointed to all of these things as reasons why he now hated himself and felt powerless to change his circumstances.

I truly empathized with how he was feeling, but couldn’t agree with what he was saying. Click HERE to read my Huffington Post article about how we need to find our validation and purpose within ourselves. And how our internal search for meaning can bring light to the darker parts of our community that so desperately need our compassion and understanding.



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