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January 1, 2016     0


Resolution or Goal? Here’s How to Make It Stick!

Do you make resolutions at New Years, or goals throughout the year, that you never see through to completion? Have you given up on making resolutions or goals because you don’t want to set yourself up for failure? Let’s start 2016 off right with a method for increasing your possibility for success exponentially! strong>

Did you know that in 2006 USA Today conducted a study regarding New Year’s resolutions? In it, researchers looked at a large number of people that were categorized into 2 groups. One group that set New Year’s resolutions and also written them down and another group who set New Year’s resolutions and didn’t bother to write them down. After 12 months, the researchers followed up with the respondents in the study to see how they progressed against their goals. For those who set New Year’s resolutions, but had not written them down, only 4% had successfully followed through on them. Surprisingly, among the group who had set resolutions and written them down, 44% had followed through on them. The difference totals more than 1,100% in success and it was achieved by simply spending a few minutes writing the resolutions down on a piece of paper.

Writing is called a “psycho-neuro-motor activity” because it causes you to think and concentrate on whatever it is you are putting down on paper. When you write out your resolutions, they are absorbed by your subconscious mind which will continue to work on achieving them, around the clock, until they come to fruition. Writing out your resolutions doesn’t guarantee you will achieve your goals, but it will increase the probability of them materializing 10 fold.

According to Brian Tracy in No Excuses, The Power of Self-Discipline, resolutions, or goals, not written down are like bullets without powder in the cartridge. People with unwritten goals go through life shooting blanks. They think they have goals, simply because they have thought about what they want to achieve for themselves in their head. But these are no more than hopes or wishes as they haven’t been vetted through a goal–setting process that involves writing them down and creating an action plan around them.

Spend this New Year putting pen to paper and identifying your goals, creating an action plan around them and then immediately taking action on them. Some suggested steps on creating your goal-setting process include:

1. Write down everything you want to accomplish for the year. Make a list of at least 10 things. They can be big or small.

2. Create realistic deadlines. Don’t get too aggressive or unrealistic with deadlines around what you want t accomplish or you just might be setting yourself up for failure. And if you hit your deadline and you haven’t accomplished your goal? Simply create a new deadline. This isn’t an exact science and oftentimes, external forces can interrupt our best laid plans.

3. Prioritize them in order of importance. Think about it in terms of impact. Start with the goal that can have the biggest impact on your life. if that goal is too large and intimidating, maybe start with one that will have an immediate impact and isn’t too difficult to achieve.

4. Detail action steps you need to take for each goal. Be detailed and specific.

5. IMMEDIATELY take action. Taking action right away, and every day after that, builds momentum. And it’s that momentum that will help you push through any discomfort, fear or procrastination that may try and creep in before you have time to start your plan of attack.

What New years resolutions or life goals have you set for yourself in 2016? What is your goal-setting “plan of attack” you use to successfully meet your goals? Join in on the conversation by adding your comments below.



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