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December 19, 2013     2

Santa meditation

8 Ways To Not Freak Out This Holiday Season

This is a season of lights, beauty and warmth. It’s also a time when people tend to go f-ing bonkers if they’re not prepared for the onslaught of family, food, and shopping. So it’s important that we equip ourselves with the right tools to minimize this attack on our energetic well-being. Life coach Joel Readence is back with 8 tips for keeping our spiritual and emotional health this holiday season.

1. Find some meaning in the holiday season. Whether it’s donating to your favorite charity, volunteering some of your time to someone who needs it, letting go of past grievances with a loved one, or attending a spiritual service—just do something that’s meaningful to you that enriches your heart and soul.

2. Take time for yourself. We want to do everything this season. We want to be twice as productive and organized as we usually are in the hopes of completing every errand on that “mile high” to-do list, or we want to attend every holiday party and make the most of all the food & booze. But the fact of the matter is, this type of behavior can lead to “energetic burn out” if we’re not careful. Take some time to chill out; meditate, read a good book, take a quiet walk, go to a yoga class, whatever it is that will recharge your body, mind and spirit.

3. Let go of your attempts at control. We may have this idea of how our holidays should go. This, of course, leaves us disappointed when real life sets in (i.e., family fights or no family at all, burnt cookies, travel delays, breakups, etc). Let go of the fantasy and embrace your reality. There’s beauty in the imperfections of our lives. Remember, the upcoming holidays are about giving love and so feeling it in return. Make that the focus of your holiday season and trust the universe will take care of the rest.

4. Take it easy with the “holiday cheer”. Everybody likes to party during the holidays. And this season affords us the opportunity to party, eat, and play in excess. Be careful of the “wear and tear” you put your body through and understand that overdoing it with booze, heavy meals, and sugary processed desserts can lead to a compromised immune system, the onset of the holiday blues, and the inability to handle any stress whatsoever.

5. Make authentic and thoughtful choices. It’s easy to overextend yourself by trying to be everything to everybody. This year, why don’t you start by being something to yourself first and only agree to participate in the things that truly resonate with you? Decide to treat yourself well first, so that you’ll feel better and become a brighter presence in the world.

6. Remember to meet people where there at. The practice of living a conscious life is challenging at times, especially at the holidays, and especially with family. It’s easy to get frustrated and angry with people who don’t live a life you approve of, or who don’t act in a manner you feel is appropriate. But the fact of the matter is, your greatest assignment in this world isn’t to change or save the people in your life, it’s to focus on your own personal growth and development and let go of your need to try and control the world around you. Make an effort this holiday season to meet your loved ones exactly where they are in their lives and let go of the need to try to “fix” them. We are all on our own path. Each one of us is unique and deserving of love and compassion.

7. Remember to count your blessings. Remember just how fortunate you are compared so many others in the world. Be grateful for everyone and everything you have in your life, and then express that appreciation by doing something for someone less fortunate than you. Remember, being thankful for what you have is the first and most important step to creating more abundance in your life.

8. Keep it within budget. Oftentimes, in our effort to ensure a perfect holiday season, we go a bit overboard financially and end up in debt. We succumb to the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that tell us expensive presents with pretty bows are the only way to show the people in our lives just how much they mean to us. But truthfully, the real spirit of the holiday season is one based on connection, compassion, and joy. You don’t need to drive up the balances on your credit cards to show the people in your life just how much you care about them. You just need to tell them. Even better, show them. Show ‘em you love ‘em the same exact way you wish someone would show you they love you. Give the love you want to receive. That’s the holiday spirit!

Have any additional advice to offer up on keeping your sanity this holiday season? Join in on the conversation by adding your comments below.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season and New Year to come!


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  • Bill Durow says:

    Joel: Great article. I really listen to you. Happy Holidays to you.
    Keep writing.

    Bill Durow

  • Lovely article Joel and very reassuring! This is my favourite line:’But truthfully, the real spirit of the holiday season is one based on connection, compassion, and joy.’
    Have a happy, healthy and harmonious holiday season and New Year to come :-)

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